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Oslo Leather Weekend

This upcoming weekend is the first Oslo Leather Weekend. It was an idea of the President of SLM Oslo, when the club was asked to hold a party after the Tom Of Finland movie. Then add another party at SLM and a Leather Social, and you have yourself a weekend. It is a small start, but who knows, it might develop to something big.

The plan for the weekend

Friday (September 22th)

18:00 – Preparty @ Cinemateket
Meetup in front of the movie.

20:00 – Tom of Finland @ Cinemateket
The movie is shown as a part of the Oslo Fusion Film Festival. You can get tickets here:

22:00 – Afterparty @ SLM Oslo
This is arranged by Oslo Fusion, and is open for everyone. But you must register to the facebook event, you’ll find it here:

Saturday (September 23th)

23:00 – Tom’s Night @ SLM Oslo
Men only cruising, register for entrance

Sunday (September 24th)

13:00 – Leather Social Brunch @ Ett Glass
Relax after a long weekend, here you need to announce your attendance through


Starting Leather Social Oslo

The leather scene in Oslo is quite small, but none the less I know of at least nine or ten leather guys in Oslo, and there are more. At the moment we have one gay leather/fetish bar in Oslo (SLM), but there are few guys in leather. Actually it seems like the dress code becomes looser every year. As you probably know it requires a couple of guys in leather to not feel overdressed, so then the work to “recruit” more started.

A friend of mine has invited to a Leather meetup before going to SLM, the interest was good, but few guys came. So we discussed how to get all Oslo’s Leathermen together, and thought of Leather Social in Berlin and London. In the last few months the idea of starting Leather Social Oslo has been brewing.

It has been lots of discussions over a pint of beer at SLM Oslo on how to do this. But now it is about to take shape into something definite. A simple social happening, without any pressure. Visit to read more about Leather Social Oslo and the event we will have in October.

Oslo Pride has started!

Oslo Pride stated already last Friday, but it is first now I’m back in town after a short trip to London. Just in time to join most of the parties at SLM.

Tonight SLM Oslo have a young fetish party, where the age limit upwards is 35. Tomorrow (Thursday) it is an open fetish party, this time for everyone, also women are allowed to enter (that is not often). I’m not sure if I will go, early and long day on Friday. Then it is the Official leather pride at SLM, a party I’ll have to go to.

On Saturday the pride parade starts at twelve from Grønland. All the way to the Pride Village via Oslo Spektrum and Stortorvet. I will probably walk with SLM this year. That evening is the Pride closing party aka “Skeiv Natt” at Rockefeller Music Hall.

All week there is activities, stands and shows in the Pride Village. It is located in “Spikersuppa”, between the parliament and National Theatre.

Which reminds me that the Pride Village opens today at three o’clock, and I have to get into my leather and on my way. Will try to get some pictures out in a day or two.

PS. Check out the whole program for Oslo Pride at

Valhall @SLM Oslo

Tonight is the biggest party of the year. No, it is not Eurovision Song Contest, but Valhall at SLM Oslo. This is the closest thing to leather/fetish pride you come in here in town. We will also celebrate the club’s 40 years anniversary, quite impressive isn’t it?

The doors opens at 23:00, and the DJ for tonight is DJ Skorm Volt. Remember to sign up to be able to enter. Read more at SLM Oslo’s website.

Black Party @ SLM

This weekend while the boring people are at Halloween parties, SLM Oslo invites to Black Pary. A party with strictly leather and rubber dress code. Just the way I like it.

They open the doors at 23:00 on Saturday. I hope all the dirty bastards in Oslo puts on some gear and join the party. So leave the cotton and perfume at home and make this a night to remember.

Fetish party at Klubb 9 this Saturday

Tomorrow, on Saturday 12. September, there are two fetish parties in Oslo. An ordinary club night at SLM and a more mainstream party at Klubb 9.

XXX at Klubb 9 Poster

XXX at Klubb 9 Poster

Klubb 9 is an event club in Oslo, it is in the second floor of the gay club Elsker (Kristian IVs gate 9, 0164 Oslo, Norway). This weekend they invite to a bold, sleazy and fetish themed night. A night with DJs, VJ and Norway’s best pole dancer.

The club opens at 22:00 and closes at 03:00. And dress code is at least one item of fetish gear. It is open to all sexes and preferences. It is not allowed to have sex at the venue, for that you have to go to SLM (which opens at 23:00).

So this will likely be an event full of curious people, those who want to check out fetishes and see what others are into. It might be a good place to show the pleasures of leather and fetishes.

Now that being said, I’m not going as I’m out of town.

Facebook event:

(The image and top banner are from the Facebook Event)

A night at SLM Oslo

Last weekend Scandinavian Leather Men Oslo had the first club night after the summer vacation. Not a lot of people, but fun anyway. People in leather, rubber, jockstraps or just in the nude. And in all age groups. It was quite hot in the bar area, so the basement was frequently visited by everyone.

When I got there, it might have been around twelve, it was a really good atmosphere with horny guys and cold beer. Everyone was dressed for the occasion. There is normally one or two who hasn’t made an effort, just dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans, but I can’t remember seeing anyone this time. It might be that only the “dedicated” fetish guys wanted to spend a hot summer night indoors.

It was also noticeable in the basement, as it seemed like the sex was rougher than usual. There was always some action going on, sucking, deep-throating (you could hear the sound), rimming and fucking.

The coming weekend SLM Oslo has a nude and underwear party, it might be worth a visit.

Gay leather club in Oslo (SLM Oslo)

It is only one gay leather and fetish club in Oslo, and that is Scandinavian Leather Men. It is an members club, but they let non-members in for a higher entrance fee. They are not very strict on the dress code. The club is open about every other weekend, and might have themed parties. For instance “Naked and Underwear”, “Rubber”, and so on.

They have an guarded wardrobe, so you can change and/or undress when you arrive. If you do not want to go around with your money or credit cards, you can leave them in the bar, and get an number on your arm.

You enter on the ground floor, where you find the bar, the toilets and a small playroom. In the basement there is several areas, a couple of slings, a wetroom, two stalls with glory holes and some more general darkroom areas.

The people at the club are typical Norwegians, nice and polite, but they are not the first to make contact. Most of Norwegians speak English, so feel free to talk to people hanging around the bar.

It is an non-profit organisation, and is driven by volunteers. So be nice to those who work there, and do not destroy the interior. There are plenty of condoms available. And on some nights an gay health organisation have free HIV tests.

Check their website for an updated list of events,

Have fun and play safe!