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It isn’t your Parade!

Update 2017-07-03: The original article has been removed, but as nothing is truly deleted on the web you can find a print screen here.

Earlier today I stumbled upon this comment where the author don’t want to see kink in her pride parade. Well, I got news for you honey, or it isn’t news, it’s a short history lesson.

The gay leather subculture have existed at least from the fifties, with gay motorcycle clubs or just leather clubs. SLM Oslo (then SLM Norway) is the oldest gay club in Norway, it started in 1976. First they may just have been to there to celebrate masculinity, but there has always been some elements of BDSM and kink. Anyway, over the years the community have grown and embraced different types of kink, for instance rubber, neoprene and puppy play. So kink has been in the LGBTQ* community from the start.

I find it narrow minded to deny a straight cisgender person who is into kink, the right to show their support to their brothers and sisters by joining us in the parade. Actually I know of several straight cis-men who have no problem playing with other men, so the premise for the article falls away.

It is interesting to see how this author in other posts tries to remove stereotypical stigmas, but walks right into one here. Kink and BDSM does not require use of sexual organs, they do not even need to be accessible. It does not even have to be sexual.  For instance the Japanese art of bondage, Shibari.

Another point that comes up in the article is that it is not appropriate to minors to see people with kinks in the parade. Let me ask, is it more appropriate to see men with perfect bodies dancing around with less clothing than I have in one of my hankies? Why should they be able to show their body as an object of sexual admiration, and i don’t?

I’m into leather, the first time I had leather jeans at work I got comments. I have stopped counting how many times I have been called Nazi when I’m in full leather on the street. Leather is not directly sexual for me, I have even baked cakes dressed in leather.

The parade is not yours alone, it is for everyone in the LGBTQ* community and those who support us! So please, do not try to limit the expressions of your brothers, sisters and fellow human beings, there is enough of those who want to do that already.


Yea, I’m a fetish guy, but no fanatic 

I’m on different gay community websites and apps. Sometimes when non-fetish guys contact me they ask about what I’m into. Even though I have a list on my profile. When I give the them the short version, they answer me something that amounts to “Oh, I’m not into that, bye”.

When you ask a fetish guy what he likes you would probably get a list with lots of dirty action. It seems like they think that if we hook up I will start at the top of the list and work myself downwards through every little kink. And he is required follow. This misconception is extremely irritating, especially when the guy is really hot. If I agree to meet a guy for some fun we would do something both would enjoy. It’s not a problem if that is plain vanilla, as long as we both know what to expect.

I do realise that none of those guys I’m ranting about will read this, I just had to let out some steam.

So yea, I’m a fetish guy, but no fanatic.