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The Boots

One lonely boot hanging in-front of the building and a small sign high upon the wall is the only sign of Antwerp’s biggest and hottest fetish club.

This fetish venue is in the northern part of Antwerp city centre, in a quiet street. They even have a sign on the way out informing visitors that this is a residential area, and to keep the noise to a minimum outside.

As the Boots is a members-only club, you have go sign up for a membership to be able to enter. But you can sign up for a weekend membership, if you are visiting for a short period, like for the Leather Pride Belgium. And you can do it at the door. You will get a card that says that you are a member, to use the next time you enter. You do not need the card when you are inside the club.

When entering the club, you get a drinking card, where your coat hanger number is noted (if you use one). This is also used when you order something at one of the bars, and you pay when you leave.

The club is using the whole building. Starting at the bottom, which might be one level below street level. Here you can find some play areas, with benches, slings, gynaecology chair, as well as a small bar, with a sling and benches. The level above is mostly used as a hallway, but it also contains an extra cloakroom. The next level is where you enter the club, with the reception, cloakroom and toilets/changing area. You will walk up one flight of stairs from street level to get to this level.

Above the reception, you will find the main bar, with a smokers lounge and a large number of boots hanging in the ceiling. Further up it is a cruising floor, with a labyrinth, tub, slings and benches. And at the top level, there is a small bar among seating and play areas.

The area above the main bar might be closed off if it is a slow night. Be aware of the black light they are using, some might find that it makes it difficult to see when the eyes are directly exposed. Not dangerous, unless you walk into a wall.

We were visiting during the leather and fetish pride, when the city was full of hot and horny men. And probably most of them visited the Boots at some point, judging by the sexy atmosphere that was felt throughout the building.

If you take a taxi back to your hotel, make sure they start the taximeter. I got ripped off. One should think that such things would not happen in Belgium, but I was wrong.

Website: the-boots.com


Club Church in Amsterdam

This is one of the coolest venues I have visited in Amsterdam, a cruising club over three floors. It has, as the name suggests, a bit of a religious themed decoration. But I would be surprised if the building has ever been a church.

The top floor is a gallery, with some low couches and a sling. At the main floor you will find what you would expect at a dance club, but also a strip pole on the bar and a small private sling room. In the basement there is the bathroom, including showers and douche possibilities (both towels and disposable douche hoses can be bought in the bar). There was also a darkroom in the basement, and it is dark.

Even though it was a slow night (maybe 20-30 guys), those who were there was fun to play with.

This place gave a new meaning to the song “Take me to church” by Hozier. You can find the webpage for Club Church here.

Play safe.

Valhall @SLM Oslo

Tonight is the biggest party of the year. No, it is not Eurovision Song Contest, but Valhall at SLM Oslo. This is the closest thing to leather/fetish pride you come in here in town. We will also celebrate the club’s 40 years anniversary, quite impressive isn’t it?

The doors opens at 23:00, and the DJ for tonight is DJ Skorm Volt. Remember to sign up to be able to enter. Read more at SLM Oslo’s website.

Black Party @ SLM

This weekend while the boring people are at Halloween parties, SLM Oslo invites to Black Pary. A party with strictly leather and rubber dress code. Just the way I like it.

They open the doors at 23:00 on Saturday. I hope all the dirty bastards in Oslo puts on some gear and join the party. So leave the cotton and perfume at home and make this a night to remember.

Fetish party at Klubb 9 this Saturday

Tomorrow, on Saturday 12. September, there are two fetish parties in Oslo. An ordinary club night at SLM and a more mainstream party at Klubb 9.

XXX at Klubb 9 Poster

XXX at Klubb 9 Poster

Klubb 9 is an event club in Oslo, it is in the second floor of the gay club Elsker (Kristian IVs gate 9, 0164 Oslo, Norway). This weekend they invite to a bold, sleazy and fetish themed night. A night with DJs, VJ and Norway’s best pole dancer.

The club opens at 22:00 and closes at 03:00. And dress code is at least one item of fetish gear. It is open to all sexes and preferences. It is not allowed to have sex at the venue, for that you have to go to SLM (which opens at 23:00).

So this will likely be an event full of curious people, those who want to check out fetishes and see what others are into. It might be a good place to show the pleasures of leather and fetishes.

Now that being said, I’m not going as I’m out of town.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1641873852758087/

(The image and top banner are from the Facebook Event)

Going to Oslo? This you should know

Norwegians are very polite, so if you wear leather in public people would not say anything to you. But if you don’t look like a someone who rides a bike you will get stares. It is unusual to wear fetish gear visible in public and frowned upon in proximity to children, except in the yearly pride parade and pride area. Public nudity is not allowed (except in nudist areas), so no bare butts or showing cock, not even in the parade. It is quite funny as nudity in it self is not a problem, the biggest park in Oslo is full of nude men and women. And the national public television station had a children’s program with a detailed description of the body and the workings of sex.

Oslo has a population of just about 650.000, so it is quite a small city compared to other capitals in the world. The gay and fetish community is proportionally sized. Even so there is an gay fetish club Scandinavian Leather Men and other fetish clubs as Cat People. But both these two are only open every other weekend.

There is several gay bars and clubs in Oslo, most of them in the area around Hotel Bristol – just one block from Oslo’s main street Karl Johan. Here you can find “Elsker” (“Lover” in Norwegian), So (A bar mainly for girls) and the London Pub. The latter has been there since 1979 and has become an gay institution. It is quite seldom that you will find guys in leather or other visible fetish gear in these bars, but it happens, and maybe more frequent. I would recommend to check the Norwegian gay dating site www.gaysir.no for information about parties and events. It is also a good place to get to know Norwegian guys before coming here.

A note on the people. Norwegians are known to keep them self to them self and not be the first to make contact. If you are in a bar or a club you will see people just hanging around the bar alone. Most will appreciate some small talk if not more. Oslo (or Norway as a whole) is known for One Night Stands, so you might have some fun.

Going to a fetish party for the first time?

If you are going to a fetish party for the first time, you probably have a number of questions. Like what to ware, what to expect and what to do. Of course the answers will vary from party to party, but some are quite general.

There is a basic difference between a private party and a party at some club. A private party are often more to the point, while in a club you might not get to any point at all. What the theme is, decides what type of gear you should use. For instance do not go in leather to a strictly rubber party, and do not use allot of time getting your rubber ready if you are going to a nude party. In some cases there might not be clear what you should wear, then ask the host (or the club) what they expect the others to dress. At the same time it is often easier to take off some of the gear if you feel you have too much on.

If you are going to a sex party, then less is more, often to much gear comes in the way. Is it a leather club, feel free wear everything, as long as it looks good. You should bring your own condoms and lube, you never know when you need some and if there are any available.

I would recommend to not go alone to a club where you do not know any other people. Both of social and security reasons (especially if you plan to lose control). It is good to have some one to talk to if it is a slow night, and some one to watch your beer or drink when your attention is elsewhere. If you are into BDSM it is good to have some one to make sure your limits are observed and not crossed.

When there, everything is up to you. You will seldom get any action if you just stand by a wall looking at guys. But of course you might just want to watch. If you talk to someone it does not always mean they want hot and steamy sex with you, so no pressure. At the same time feel free to talk about sex or fetishes, it is nice to know if you are into the same stuff before you suggest something more.

This is much easier at a private party, there is less stress and you know what to expect in regards to type of party, duration and people you will meet. If you do not know any one at the party and are not so brave to meet everyone at once, it might be a good idea to meet the host first for a cup of coffee or something.

Remember, you should not do anything you do not want to do and always play safe!

A night at SLM Oslo

Last weekend Scandinavian Leather Men Oslo had the first club night after the summer vacation. Not a lot of people, but fun anyway. People in leather, rubber, jockstraps or just in the nude. And in all age groups. It was quite hot in the bar area, so the basement was frequently visited by everyone.

When I got there, it might have been around twelve, it was a really good atmosphere with horny guys and cold beer. Everyone was dressed for the occasion. There is normally one or two who hasn’t made an effort, just dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans, but I can’t remember seeing anyone this time. It might be that only the “dedicated” fetish guys wanted to spend a hot summer night indoors.

It was also noticeable in the basement, as it seemed like the sex was rougher than usual. There was always some action going on, sucking, deep-throating (you could hear the sound), rimming and fucking.

The coming weekend SLM Oslo has a nude and underwear party, it might be worth a visit.

Gay leather club in Oslo (SLM Oslo)

It is only one gay leather and fetish club in Oslo, and that is Scandinavian Leather Men. It is an members club, but they let non-members in for a higher entrance fee. They are not very strict on the dress code. The club is open about every other weekend, and might have themed parties. For instance “Naked and Underwear”, “Rubber”, and so on.

They have an guarded wardrobe, so you can change and/or undress when you arrive. If you do not want to go around with your money or credit cards, you can leave them in the bar, and get an number on your arm.

You enter on the ground floor, where you find the bar, the toilets and a small playroom. In the basement there is several areas, a couple of slings, a wetroom, two stalls with glory holes and some more general darkroom areas.

The people at the club are typical Norwegians, nice and polite, but they are not the first to make contact. Most of Norwegians speak English, so feel free to talk to people hanging around the bar.

It is an non-profit organisation, and is driven by volunteers. So be nice to those who work there, and do not destroy the interior. There are plenty of condoms available. And on some nights an gay health organisation have free HIV tests.

Check their website for an updated list of events, http://www.slmoslo.no/

Have fun and play safe!