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MrB in Amsterdam

This is store is probably my favourite store. They have a good selection, the staff is helpful, and the atmosphere is relaxed and sexy. Most Mr. B. stores have somewhat the same articles and the same design. The staff in Amsterdam makes the big difference. It is difficult to point out exactly what they do in Amsterdam compared to for instance Berlin, maybe a more relaxed attention to the customer. The balance between getting personal space without being left alone is just right for me.

Another nice feature, if you can call it a feature, is that their workshop is also located in Amsterdam. So, when they didn’t have the leather pants I wanted in my size, it took just a couple of hours to get a pair from the workshop. Just enough time to relax and grab some pancakes with cookie filling, from one of the Creperies in the street.

The products they sell are mostly of their own brand, but they also have some fetish articles from other brands. There is something for every taste, also rubber, neoprene and sportswear. I myself love the leather items with stitching on the sides, like the belts and ties. It is a nice detail. When I think about it I have a pair of boots from this store as well. They are the only pair of high boots I have tried that fit strait of the shelf. It should be said that this is not a cheap store, but the prices are reasonable when compared to other stores with the same quality and service.

If you are going to Amsterdam, this store is definitely worth a visit. Remember that if you want tax return (if you are from outside the EU, like Norway), you need to bring your passport.


Website: misterb.com


Like leather but don’t know where to start?

When you first find out that you like the look and feel of leather, you probably want it all, maybe a full leather uniform. But you might not want to use so much money at once. Here are some thoughts on where to start.

Start with identifying what type of leather article that gets you going. It might be a harness, a pair of gloves or a shirt. Then find a model you like. For instance there are lots of different types of pants and every one of those comes in several colors and looks. Start with an simple model, as it is easier to upgrade than downgrade. For instance, if you buy something with elaborate design and coloured piping, it might be hard to find something else to match without having it especially made for you. So keep it basic in the beginning.

The first things I bought was:

  1. Belt
  2. Cuff
  3. Harness

When you try it on remember that leather stretches quite a bit, so items that can’t be adjusted (like shirts and pants) should be tight.

Leather is expensive, and the best quality often cost more. But look around and try it on before buying anything. I have found better products to a nicer price just by checking all the stores I came across. Do not waste money on something you do not like, it should make you feel a bit more sexy, more man.

If you still do not know where to start, buy your self a black harness. It can be used with everything.

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.