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Eagle Vienna

This is one of the places you must know about to find. In the basement of something that seems like an apartment block, some steps down from street level you can find the entrance and doorbell. And a sign that states “men only”. There is one exception, one of the bartenders is female. Rumour has it that she is the sister of the owner.

The bar stretches from a cloakroom on the right, and around a corner towards the entry to the toilette and a small darkroom. There are some sex shop articles for sale, for instance leather cuffs, t-shirts, cockrings and DVDs. I’ll have to get me one of their t-shirts.

The darkroom became quite crowded, but I’m not sure of how much action there actually were. I had my valuables on my person, and didn’t want to try my luck. Next time I’ll put them in my jacket.

Eagle Vienna don’t have a strict dress code the crowd might be in normal everyday wear. The night I was there the I would say the average age was about 45, and most was wearing a shirt and jeans. The last point suited me quite well, as I was visiting after a business dinner. There was some smoking indoors, so don’t be surprised if your cloths smells like cigarettes in the morning.

They have some themed parties, which is announced on their website and Facebook. The opening hours are normally Monday to Sunday 21:00 to 04:00, and closed on Sunday. But check as exceptions may occur.

I liked the atmosphere, it was relaxed and sexy. The bar staff was efficient and pleasant. As a famous Austrian said, I will be back!

Website: eagle-vienna.com
Facebook: EAGLE Vienna


Short trip to Gothenburg 

From Oslo to Gothenburg it is about four hours by train. It is the second largest city in Sweden. I’m sorry to say that Gothenburg doesn’t seem to have much of a fetish scene, if any at all. Even though the city is big and inclusive of LGBTQ people. There is a Scandinavian Leather Man Göteborg club, but they did not have any events in the summer. Have to revisit when they have some kind of party or event.

We found a nice bar and restaurant just inside the moat, called “bee”. I’m not sure if it is a gay friendly straight bar or a straight friendly gay bar, the line is a bit blurry, if it exists at all. Good wine and nice service. It is the first place I have visited where two half bottles of wine is cheaper than one full bottle.

We visited “Liseberg”, it is an amusement park in the middle of the city. As I tweeted, some of the design of the area around the rides reminds you of other forms of amusement. Some a bit steampunk inspired, and other more like a modern factory maze. See more pictures under the tweet


Valhall @SLM Oslo

Tonight is the biggest party of the year. No, it is not Eurovision Song Contest, but Valhall at SLM Oslo. This is the closest thing to leather/fetish pride you come in here in town. We will also celebrate the club’s 40 years anniversary, quite impressive isn’t it?

The doors opens at 23:00, and the DJ for tonight is DJ Skorm Volt. Remember to sign up to be able to enter. Read more at SLM Oslo’s website.

Gay leather club in Oslo (SLM Oslo)

It is only one gay leather and fetish club in Oslo, and that is Scandinavian Leather Men. It is an members club, but they let non-members in for a higher entrance fee. They are not very strict on the dress code. The club is open about every other weekend, and might have themed parties. For instance “Naked and Underwear”, “Rubber”, and so on.

They have an guarded wardrobe, so you can change and/or undress when you arrive. If you do not want to go around with your money or credit cards, you can leave them in the bar, and get an number on your arm.

You enter on the ground floor, where you find the bar, the toilets and a small playroom. In the basement there is several areas, a couple of slings, a wetroom, two stalls with glory holes and some more general darkroom areas.

The people at the club are typical Norwegians, nice and polite, but they are not the first to make contact. Most of Norwegians speak English, so feel free to talk to people hanging around the bar.

It is an non-profit organisation, and is driven by volunteers. So be nice to those who work there, and do not destroy the interior. There are plenty of condoms available. And on some nights an gay health organisation have free HIV tests.

Check their website for an updated list of events, http://www.slmoslo.no/

Have fun and play safe!


A fetish pub on the well-known Motzstraße out of Nollendorfplatz in Berlin. It is a small pub with nice barkeepers. They do not have a strict dress code, or if they do they do not enforce it. The clientele is often from 45-50 and up, especially on weekdays.

They have a darkroom in the basement, with one part labyrinth, and one part “play area”. They show porn on several screens in the bar area, with different content on each. Under Statfest in 2015 they showed “Little Britain” since it was allowed for women to enter early in the evening.

As it is allowed to smoke inside it might be a quite thick atmosphere at times.

When it comes to drink prices, I would think they are in the middle of the range, about 3 € for a beer. But as I’m from Norway I’m used to higher prices.

It is an nice place to relax, just having a beer at the bar or a table, and have some fun.


Do you have suggestions or comments, feel free to add them below.

As always, play safe.