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Starting Leather Social Oslo

The leather scene in Oslo is quite small, but none the less I know of at least nine or ten leather guys in Oslo, and there are more. At the moment we have one gay leather/fetish bar in Oslo (SLM), but there are few guys in leather. Actually it seems like the dress code becomes looser every year. As you probably know it requires a couple of guys in leather to not feel overdressed, so then the work to “recruit” more started.

A friend of mine has invited to a Leather meetup before going to SLM, the interest was good, but few guys came. So we discussed how to get all Oslo’s Leathermen together, and thought of Leather Social in Berlin and London. In the last few months the idea of starting Leather Social Oslo has been brewing.

It has been lots of discussions over a pint of beer at SLM Oslo on how to do this. But now it is about to take shape into something definite. A simple social happening, without any pressure. Visit leather.social to read more about Leather Social Oslo and the event we will have in October.


I’m starting with ropes

I have just begun looking into ropes, the possibilities are endless, and at the same time really complicated. I have been tying knots since I was two, but then it was to secure objects to its place or chain reactions in the best “Home alone” style. A technique not suitable for bondage.

Safety is the most important thing in all kinds of play, especially when the danger of permanent damage is possible (both physical and psychological). If I tie the rope to tight, the blood circulation may be blocked and cause damage. On the other hand, the person might get a panic attack, and then it is important to handle it in a good way. I read a good blog post from Sir Dart about taking care of one’s playfellows. I know a couple of guys that really need to practice aftercare, but that is a subject for another time.

My challenge with tying up bodies is how to tie the knots so it is fast to untie, like a fast release, and knots that do not tighten when the cord it pulled. My goal is to tie a full body harness with suspension, but that is still some time away. Moreover, I need a hook in the ceiling.

My boyfriend has become my practice doll, he is complaining about all the times he has gotten a whiplash from the end of the rope. Regretfully it is still a drain on my mental capacity to focus on both the knot and where the end of the rope is. Hopefully this will get better with some practice.

I just have to see if this would be my thing or just one activity in my toolbox. I will keep you posted.

Like leather but don’t know where to start?

When you first find out that you like the look and feel of leather, you probably want it all, maybe a full leather uniform. But you might not want to use so much money at once. Here are some thoughts on where to start.

Start with identifying what type of leather article that gets you going. It might be a harness, a pair of gloves or a shirt. Then find a model you like. For instance there are lots of different types of pants and every one of those comes in several colors and looks. Start with an simple model, as it is easier to upgrade than downgrade. For instance, if you buy something with elaborate design and coloured piping, it might be hard to find something else to match without having it especially made for you. So keep it basic in the beginning.

The first things I bought was:

  1. Belt
  2. Cuff
  3. Harness

When you try it on remember that leather stretches quite a bit, so items that can’t be adjusted (like shirts and pants) should be tight.

Leather is expensive, and the best quality often cost more. But look around and try it on before buying anything. I have found better products to a nicer price just by checking all the stores I came across. Do not waste money on something you do not like, it should make you feel a bit more sexy, more man.

If you still do not know where to start, buy your self a black harness. It can be used with everything.

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.